The area of family law deals with domestic relationships and family-related matters: marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoptions, paternity cases, and guardianships, with associated issues of custody, support, property and agreements. ​​According to the U.S. Census data, the make-up of the American family continues to change, as a large percentage of marriages end in separation or divorce.

​​​When a couple decides to terminate their marriage, one of the parties will Petition the court for a divorce. Besides seeking a legal termination of the relationship, the Petition and subsequent Response will also ask the court to divide the marital estate, grant custody of the children, and/or impose relevant support obligations. Thereafter, parties have options as to the means by which to resolve their personal issues: (1) legal representation through effective litigation skills; (2) mediation by working together to amicably resolve differences; or (3) collaboration that provides assistance from attorneys, mental health professionals and other experts. The Buchanan Law & Mediation Center provides compassionate expertise and guidance in selecting the path that is best for you, and always with the focus on you and your family's well being.
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