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Child Custody & Parenting Agreements
A well thought out and well-written child custody and parenting plan will insure that you can move forward with a successful parental relationship following the divorce/separation - that the result will always be in the best interest of your children. The discussions and negotiations that are involved in creating a parenting plan will give you and your spouse the opportunity to consider so many aspects of parenting that will arise during the children's lives.  That opportunity will establish the foundation to minimize future disagreements and enable you to continue to effectively co parent your children. Special circumstances exist in every case: primary residence? Employed vs. stay at home parent? Relocation? Education, religious training and social activities? Distance between homes? New spouse and/or children? These are just a few of the nuances that can arise in a custody case.  There is no right or wrong answer to any situation.  ​​Our goal is to assist you in creating that child custody and parenting plan that reflects the realities of your family's situation and focuses on your family's overall health, well-being and best interests.

Child Support
​​Under California law, parents first and foremost financial responsibility is to their children. The legislature established a statewide uniform guideline (the famously known "DissoMaster") for making child support awards that focus on the parent's respective time share and incomes. In some cases, parents decide it makes better financial sense for their family to deviate from this formula. One of the most challenging aspects when negotiating support (whether it be child or spousal) is a party's emotions - fears, beliefs, realities, to name a few. Those emotions are easier addressed through Mediation as the court is required to conform to this established guideline. ​​

Spousal Support​
Spousal support is intended to help the lower-earning, or non-earning, spouse become self-sufficient. The court has broad discretion in this area of law - amount, duration, and termination of spousal support - based on a number of statutory factors. The parties' marital ​standard of living, individual party's age and health and the earning capacity of each are just a few of these factors the court, and the mediator, are required to consider/discuss when determining the amount of spousal support. Once the amount of support is decided, the court's or parties' focus turns to the duration of support. Buchanan Law & Mediation Center aims to structure a realistic spousal support plan that meets the needs of our client, or the parties, that will enable him/her/them to move forward with a sense of financial security. ​​

Property Division
As a community property state, California law dictates that the marital estate is to be divided equally in as equitable a manner as possible. The four components to resolving property issues are identification, characterization, valuation, and final division of all assets and debts incurred during the marriage. The complexity of issues to be addressed at this state of the process varies. We insure that our client or the parties comply with their fiduciary duties to each other so that we can assist in arriving at an equitable division that both parties trust. ​​

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements
​Marriage is not only a public statement of a couple's emotional commitment, but a powerful legal and economic relationship. We can help you establish peace of mind and thoughtful planning through premarital agreements and post-marital agreements. The process of crafting a prenup or postnup is an exercise in money management and financial planning that provides more than just economic benefits to the couple involved. Regardless of where you are in your family and career, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can be helpful in mapping out your future together. ​​

​Under the California Family Code, custody and support are always modifiable. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of what they can do and what is expected of them when it comes to modifying existing orders causing unnecessary problems as a result. If you, or your former spouse, has experienced a significant change in circumstances that may affect your custody or support rights, the Buchanan Law & Mediation Center can assist you in making sure you take the appropriate steps to make the necessary modifications to your existing orders. ​​
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